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BEC Consulting, LLC provides a wide range of consulting engineering services for our clients. Our engineers analyze many different consumer and industrial products, as well as accidents of all types. Our research and analysis gives our clients the clear-cut answers they need, saving them valuable time and effort.

The Engineers at BEC Consulting can interpret the evidence in the wrecked vehicles and use this information to help reconstruct the accident. The damage to the vehicle, along with the evidence left at the accident scene, tells the story of the accident that our engineers can analyze and evaluate.

Accident Reconstruction

  • Automobile

  • Tractor-Trailer

  • Motorcycle/Bicycle

  • Pedestrian

Electronic data can make or break your case. Vehicle airbag systems and control modules, GPS units, and cell phones can provide data that may be vital to your case. Our experts can give you accurate information about these systems, their capabilities and have the technology to retrieve that valuable data.

Black Box Downloads

  • Automobile or Tractor-Trailer

  • Airbag Control Modules

  • Engine Control Modules

  • Powertrain Control Modules

Work zone traffic control affects the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and work zone personnel. When accidents occur it is important to evaluate the maintenance of traffic (MOT) plan, to determine whether or not it was developed and executed properly for the situation. Roadside appurtenances such as guardrails, bridge rails, crash cushions, and sign supports are installed along roadways everywhere. The proper implementation of these devices is critical to the safety of the traveling public. Our engineers have training and experience unique to these issues and can assist you in evaluating your case.

Construction Zone/Roadside Safety

  • Maintenance of Traffic

  • Guardrails

  • Bridge Rails

  • Median Crossovers

Industrial accidents typically involve violations of standards and code such as OSHA or ASTM.  The Engineers at BEC Consulting can analyze the accident with these standards in mind. Analysis of workplace policies and procedures as well as inspecting machine guarding and warnings is our specialty.  

Industrial Equipment

  • OSHA or ASTM

  • Workplace Policies

  • Machine Guarding

  • Warnings and Signage

Biomechanical analysis needs to be considered when there is concern over how and what injury occurred in an accident. BEC Consulting has done biomechanical analysis for injuries in automobile accidents, industrial settings, stairs, elevators, escalators and many more situations.

Biomechanical Analysis

  • Injury Causation

  • Occupant Kinematics

  • Biomechanical Analysis

  • Surrogate Studies

Slip, trip or falls can happen anywhere and failure to comply with The Life Safety Code from the National Fire Prevention Association, the standards put forth from ASTM and even the Americans with Disabilities Act can contribute to these types of accidents. The engineers at BEC Consulting are familiar with these standards and can help analyze the accident with them in mind.


  • Slip Resistance Metering

  • Certified XL Tribometrist

  • Life Safety Code Standards

  • Americans with Disabilities Act

Product failure analysis covers a wide range of topics, from seat belts and airbags to aerosol cans and chairs. The Engineers at BEC Consulting have a unique background in product design and development that provides them with the experience to identify product failure and suggest an alternative design.

Product Design

  • Product Failure Analysis

  • Alternative Designs

  • Seat Belts

  • Airbags

Portable 3-D scanners and software technology can be used in a variety of engineering applications. The precise and detailed digital scans, which include high resolution photographs, deliver realistic and accurate three dimensional models, providing our consulting engineers with thorough details of accident scenes, vehicles, product designs and more. These powerful graphics are used in the analysis of each case file and provide effective results and deliverables for our clients.

FARO 3D Scanning

  • Detailed Digital Scans

  • High Resolution Photographs

  • Three Dimensional Models

  • Powerful Graphics

Our engineer's expertise cover many areas outside the typical personal injury cases. From design issues, manufacturing issues and machine design to class action and patent litigation, our experienced staff have the expertise you need.

General Engineering Consulting

  • ATV's and Watercraft

  • Machine Design

  • Class-action Litigation

  • Patent Litigation

Drones and their high resolution cameras allow comprehensive ways to inspect, document, and evaluate engineering issues. They provide a new perspective in documentation, image capturing and forensic evidence analysis. With the use of 3-D mapping and photogrammetry, drones can produce high resolution, fully scaled mosaics of specific focal areas. They also provide no limit as to the size and scope of projects. This allows for precise and clearer engineering examination providing greater accuracy in evidence documentation rather than relying on traditional online sources.

Aerial Drone Imaging

  • High Resolution Photographs

  • Detailed Topology

  • Three Dimensional Models

  • Powerful Graphics

Accident Reconstruction - Consulting - Failure Analysis - Graphics

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